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Friday December 14, 2018 - Long-Reining Meeting - 7pm

(meeting for those interested in competing in and judging long-reining events - click here to contact the club secretary for more information)

Friday December 28, 2018 - Christmas Long-reining Event

Sunday December 30, 2018 - Arena Sports Driving Event


Breckland Carriage Driving Club takes its name from the forest and heathland area that spans the Norfolk and Suffolk border in the heart of East of England. Known simply as “The Brecks”,  the area is renowned for its arable farming, fabulous country homes and estates, and its wide open spaces.

At Breckland Carriage Driving Club we provide carriage driving enthusiasts with arena based competitions. Our primary competitions are driven dressage, precision driving (cones) and combined marathon (and Derby); the three disciplines of the traditional Horse Driving Trials competition but without the marathon. We cater for recreational carriage drivers, creating some innovative competitions and fun activities such driven agility and a selection of fun cones competitions such as the Double-Jeopardy.

The club has 'invented' several long-reining competitions, encouraging drivers and riders to take up the art of long-reining to improve their horse’s way of going and manners, and then to demonstrate their skills in a series of competitions. Of course, its not just for the younger horses, long-reining is just as good for rehabilitation of horses and an excellent way to keep our veteran horses fit. Club competitions include Long-reining Dressage, Reinmanship, Agility and our unique Cones&Obstacles. We have turned long-reining from a schooling exercise into a sport!

You’ll not find some of our competitions at other driving clubs!

We aim to cater for everyone, from those who drive small ponies to heavy horses, beginner grassroots competitors to the competitive drivers, young drivers to veteran drivers, and those with veteran horses and ponies to those wanting to educate their next rising star.

At Breckland we believe it is all about enjoying your carriage driving and long-reining as a recreation and sport, and we encourage people of all ages and ability to come along and enjoy a bit of friendly club competition.