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Friday December 28, 2018 - Christmas Long-reining Event

Sunday December 30, 2018 - Precision Driving & Derby competitions


Driven Dressage

Driven dressage is performed within a marked arena and is a test of the obedience of the horse and the skill of the driver. It is judged on the freedom, regularity of paces, harmony, impulsion, suppleness and ease of movement, and showing the correct bending of the horse on the move. The driver is also judged on the accuracy of the test, as each movement is performed, and overall presentation of the turnout.

A variety of driven dressage competitions are run using FEI and British Carriagedriving tests, along with simplified club tests specifically designed for Grassroots drivers.

There are no restrictions on the wheel width of the carriage in club dressage competitions. Pneumatic tyres and Traditional carriages are permitted.

Precision Driving (Cones)

Cones Obstacle competitions are a test of the driver’s skill and competence and the obedience and training of the horse over a course of varied obstacles that may include combinations. The Cones Obstacle competition may be run as an individual competition or combined with a Dressage competition (Combined Driving).

We provide a variety of fun cones competitions in addition for the standard Fault competition used in Driving Trials. We have converted some of the old show jumping competitions to cones competitions such as 'Take Your Own Line' and 'Fault and Out'.

Combined Marathon/Derby

Combined Obstacle & Cones competitions, known as a Combined Marathon or more familiarly known as a World Cup style competition, are a test of the driver’s skill to negotiate a course of cones and up to two marathon type obstacles.

Based on these competitions we have created our very own fun competitions 'Double Jeopardy' to challenge Drivers and Backstepper by driving the course twice - following the course in the first round and then driving the course backwards, and our Christmas special event, Santa's Little Helpers Race.

Combined Driving

Combined driving competitions are a combination of a Dressage competition with other driving disciplines such as a Cones Obstacle competition or a combined marathon competition or comprise all 3-phases of a driving trials competition without the marathon (dressage, cones, marathon obstacles).

The Combined Driving competition is scored by combining the dressage penalties with the penalties in the other disciplines. Typically the club runs a “Fault Competition” or “Fault Competition - Optimum Time” as part of the Combined Driving competition. Awards are given for the dressage competition and the overall Combined Driving competition.


If you want to try something different with your horse or pony, give our long-reining competitions a go. We have a variety of competitions for those interested in this discipline, such as Dressage, Cones & Obstacles, Agility and Equitation.  Competitions are for single and multiples, small ponies to Shires, and handlers from the age of 10 to veteran years can compete.

Our long-reining competitions are open to ridden and driven horses. We welcome along young horses from the age of 3 years, helping them gain valuable competition experience. And don't forget long-reining is a great way to keep your old retired horses fit and happy, giving them something to do in their retirement.

Driven Agility

Our Driven Agility classes are based on the BDS Trec and Attelage competitions - without the Road Drive. Competitors are first judged on the presentation of their turnout that includes the fit of the harness, dress of driver and groom, and correct spares kit for the type of carriage. After the presentation, driver and groom complete a series of tasks, for example a one-handed circle between two sets of cones, crossing a bridge or driving a short distance holding a cup of water. Each task is marked by the judge on how well it is performed, taking into account team work between driver and groom, and obedience of the horse/s.

Our agility classes are open to drivers of all levels driving a single or multiple turnout to a traditional, traditional type or modern carriage.