Indoor Driving & Long-reining Event

Venue: World Horse Welfare, Hall Farm, Snetterton, NR16 2LP

Congratulations to all those competitors who gave our long-reining Dressage and long-reining Cones competitions a go. We were delighted to have horses and ponies of all sizes competing, from a Shire to a Miniature, and the event provided an excellent opportunity for some to get their youngsters out to their first competition. Our judge Sue Barber, from Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation, presented the awards and provided some fine words of wisdom to all competitors on the art of long-reining, from equipment to getting those circles the right shape!

Our long-reining Dressage winner was Claire Bourne with her single turnout Posy, and Claire also won the multiple turnout long-reining her small pony pair. Winner of the long-reining Cones which was judged under optimum time was Amanda Fletcher. Combined event overall long-reining champion was Linda Port-Cohen with her Miniature pony Bambi.















With the long-reining competitions finalised, the afternoon began with the first of our driving competitions - the Accumulator, where each driver had 2 minutes in the arena to drive as many cones as they could. There were many routes about the cone obstacles that were mainly scattered around the arena, with one 20m circle comprising 4 cone obstacles. The highest number of cones accumulated was 84 by Graham Cooper (Intermediate driver) who won the Open/Intermediate class, with Gina Saunders and Amy Last tied for second place with a score of 72.

A quick change of course that included an interesting straight line obstacle for the Derby and Double jeopardy competitions. The Derby comprised of two rounds, and as expected the drivers all improved on their times with the second round. Linda Porter Cohen won the Grassroots class from Julie Lloyd,  and Gina Saunders was in a class of her own in the Novice. The Open/Intermediate class saw four entries and it was 17 year old Laura Priestley with her fabulous veteran pony Rolo narrowly take the first rosette with just 3 seconds separating her and Graham Cooper. Whilst Laura blitzed the cones, she was a little slower in the obstacle; where Graham saved a lot of time by weaving his way through the gates. Claire Bourne gained some competition experience with her pony team in the Multiples class.

Overall Winners

Long-reining Champion LINDA PORTER-COHEN (BAMBI)

Best Coloured Pony CLAIRE BOURNE


Young Driver 10-21 yrs LAURA PRIESTLEY (ROLO)

Champion Derby (best score) LAURA PRIESTLEY (ROLO)



Peta Denham with Max at his first competition.

Andy Bircher with Tireve Rosetta drives the cones for the first time