Hawaiian shirts, summer dresses and hot dogs

Our Summer Themed July show was well supported and competitors got into the spirit of the event wearing summer dresses and Hawaiian shirts, and we even had horses with flowers plaited into manes and tails. We tried a few new competitions at the event, the first was our Long-reining Reinmanship which in essence was a dressage test performed using numbered markers instead of the traditional dressage markers. The test involves simple walk and trot movements about the arena, a short section of one-handed along the straight line, and a halt and reverse to end the test. Winner was Laura Priestley with her pony Mango.

Meanwhile in ring two we had the Long-reining Agility underway which had a summer theme and included the usual hazards such as the rubber mat, but this time had a few new elements. The Bendy Horse task required handlers to walk a straight line whilst reining the horse through a slalom of cones. It was nice to see that everyone negotiated the Teddy Bear's Picnic without any problems or harming a leisurely bear. The Driven Agility was just as much fun, driving around the obstacles but included a water challenge at the end which involved driving through some cones. The idea was to put what was left of the water into the measuring jug on completion, however one competitor (shall be nameless) took to drinking the water to replenish her thirst! Well done to the winners Wendy Goode in the Long-reining Agility, Deleyse Brown Driven Agility (over 12hh) and Carol Swain Driven Agility (12hh and under) .

Wendy Goode, winner of the Driven Agility, small pony

Our Picnic Drive class, which involved a short work out as if you were out on a drive followed by a presenting your picnic setting complete with table and chairs and any other picnic props, such as candelabras..... Competitors were given 15 minutes after their workout to unharness their horses and return to setup their picnic. The judge was delighted with the settings and high standard of picnic beverages and food, congratulating both entrants Linda Porter-Cohan, and Emma Scotney on their fabulous turnouts.

After a get together picnic lunch, we moved onto the driving classes. Our Six Cones class required the drivers to really concentrate as they made their way through six cones set in a straight line. Starting at a distance of 160cm apart, and in the final round set to 135cm apart. The winner was Graham Cooper who drive well, with some excellent backstepping work by Dean Sheldon and despite spinning a ball one the way down that actually stayed put! Well done to Linda Porter-Cohan and Deleyse Brown finishing second and third.

The two main driving competitions were the Precision and Speed and Double-jeopardy. Precision and speed is a new competition comprises some technical cone driving in the first part of the course such as tricky angles and a Zig Zag, and with a speed section with cones set at 160cm on the second part of the course. Dean Sheldon won the Precision and Speed (optimum time) and Graham Cooper the Precision and Speed (against the clock).

The Double Jeopardy once again caught drivers out, some on the first run through the course and others on the return trip. Open winner was Rosemary Armstrong and optimum time winner was Mary Fuller.


Best Performed Cob - Deleyse Brown driving the Six Cones class

Mary Fuller driving George, winner Double-Jeopardy (optimum time)